What is the Spotify picture trend? How to create album cover!

The Spotify picture trend has taken over TikTok, and several users have already turned their photos into album cover!

Over the years, TikTok users have come up with several trends and the latest one to create a buzz in the platform is that of Spotify picture. This comes months after fas made the album cover trend famous on the platform. If you are wondering how to do this trend, we are here to help you out!

What is the Spotify picture trend?

The Spotify picture trend sees people editing their picture or any picture they like into album covers. The main difference between this trend and the previous album cover trend is that users are turning their pictures into Spotify song art.

The Spotify song art had become popular when people started printing out their favorite music art on glass. By incorporating their own picture and using the Spotify play button, the art glass had become a top favorite gifting item.

Now, the trend seems to have shifted towards creating the album cover on the app itself. The trend sure has managed to bring out the creative side of people.

How to make the album cover for Spotify trend

If you want to hop on to this trend as well, it is quite simple. Just follow the steps below and you will be good to go!

  1. Select the picture you want as the cover and place it as your background image.
  2. On the picture, place a dot, i.e. a full stop, and select the first font option (one beside the color bar).
  3. Expand the dot to fit perfectly over your background image.
  4. Pick the song you would like and make sure to choose the album cover art appearance for it.
  5. Select the picture you want and place it over the album cover.
  6. Search for ‘Spotify’ on the stickers section. From the list, select the ‘Spotify play button.’
  7. Place the play button below the picture.
  8. Click on Save.

TikTok – For Your Pride I #ItStartsOnTikTok



TikTok – For Your Pride I #ItStartsOnTikTok





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