Highlighting 17 unique photographic projects from various corners of the country with community engagement at its core, led by women and gender nonconforming artists.

Exhibition on view through September 12, 2021, Empire Fulton Lawn in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

In the aftermath of the 2016 U.S. presidential elections and subsequent Women’s Marches, a number of grassroots organizations were born out of a mutual frustration over the country’s deep political divisions across issues of economics, race, gender, and beyond. We, Women is one of such organizations, dedicated to fostering action and dialogue through art.

We, Women was founded to amplify women’s and gender-nonconforming voices during an era of divisiveness and distrust in politics. The project, presented by Photoville and Women Photograph, provides funding and mentorship to visual artists who combine photography with community engagement to reframe social and political issues.

This July, We, Women’s first public outdoor traveling exhibition, “We, Women: The Power of We,” launched with an exhibition in Brooklyn Bridge Park that will open later in the summer in Anchorage, Alaska, in partnership with the Anchorage Museum, and will subsequently be shown in Atlanta, Chicago, and New Orleans over the next year. The first exhibition highlights 17 impactful projects, which examine crucial issues on the minds of many Americans: immigration, education, climate change, race, motherhood and family, gun control, health care, religion, criminal justice reform, gentrification, sexual assault, and more.

The We, Women founders describe the exhibition: “We selected artists whose contributions all demonstrate that there is a potential for a different future for this country. These artists are all combining photography and community engagement as a way to maximize visibility and impact.” The free and accessible public exhibition is made up of 380 feet of engaging imagery that will reach hundreds of thousands of people.

The work is displayed along construction fencing surrounding Empire Fulton Lawn directly under the Brooklyn Bridge in Brooklyn Bridge Park. The exhibition opened July 13 and will be on view through September 12. There will be a guided tour of the exhibition and related programs later in the summer. Please check the website for additional information.