Vaccine required for all visitors, students at Las Vegas art gallery | COVID-19

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) — One Las Vegas business has become the latest in a trend across the country to stop infection of workers and customers. 

The owner of Open Art Las Vegas, Daniella Etel Courban is requiring anyone who visits her gallery to be vaccinated.

“I’m trying to promote another reason to get vaccinated. It’s not so much about my space, but about everybody and trying to do what I think is right,” Daniella Etel Courban, MD said of the latest policy at Open Art Las Vegas. The art gallery is located at the Arts Factory in Downtown Las Vegas. 

Etel Courban announced on Instagram, on handles PineConeRevolution and OpenArtLasVegas, that as of July 28, all customers must abide by the entry policy. She said she lost numerous followers, but others thanked her for the move. 

Etel Courban worked as a doctor for 23 years, retiring from the field in Obstetrics and Gynecology. The doctor has also worked in hospitals across the valley, prior to the pandemic. 

“The hospitalizations are going up and the cases are going up,” she said, stating the people who enter are far less likely to get sick from infection than those vaccinated. 

Children who are not eligible to be vaccinated are still able to attend classes and workshops, but must remain masked like all patrons. 

It’s a policy small businesses are implementing for customers across the country, from bars in San Francisco, restaurants in New York to the audiences on Broadway, and also causing heated debate. 

Legal experts said the ability of small businesses to ask for proof of vaccination has legal precedent, along the lines of a “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service” policy, adding a “No Shot” option. 

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