This mini-series shows what it’s like to be a woman photographer in a “men’s world”

Fashion accessory brand HEX has released a mini-series that focuses on women photographers. Appropriately titled Women in Focus, the series highlights five female creatives who talk about the challenges and successes of being a woman in a predominantly male profession. And for all the ladies out there, these five great women also offer some advice on navigating the photography space as a woman.

“HEX has always been about supporting and encouraging creativity,” the company writes. “In an industry with a history of being predominantly male, we feel it is essential for women in all stages of their careers to hear directly from other women about what it takes to be part of the growing female photographer’s movement.”

The series consists of short videos from five female creators: Natalie AmrossiShauna WadeElise SwopesClaire Lejeune, and Enkrypt Los Angeles. “These women are at varying career stages and bring their unique energy and aesthetics,” HEX explains. “We aim to encourage more female creators to know more about photography and grow as artists in their craft.”

The episodes featuring Shauna Wade and Claire Lejeune have already been published, with a new video coming up every week. Check out the two published ones below, and subscribe to HEX’s YouTube channel to get notified when the rest of them are up.

Even though there are many female photographers, there’s a stereotype that being a photographer is a “male job.” Even Google seems to think so (although it has recently become more inclusive of women). Still, we need to hear more about women photographers, discover their work, and support them in their creative endeavors.

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