The Spice Girls To Release New Music, Feed Your Love

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of The Spice Girls’ smash single, “Wannabe,” Ginger, Sporty, Baby, Scary, and Posh will release a new EP, Wannabe25, next month.

Cool, right? Well, it gets better.

Ray Burmiston/Photoshot / Via Getty

The release will feature a previously unreleased track, and I’m absolutely losing my mind.

“Feed Your Love,” is the girl group’s first new song in since 2007.

Ray Burmiston/Photoshot / Via Getty

According to Attitude, “Feed Your Love” was written by The Spice Girls and “Wannabe” co-writers Richard ‘Biff’ Stannard and Matt Rowe, so you just know it is going to be a bop.

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It has been 14 years (you read that correct — 14!) since The Spice Girls released new music.

So I’m ready for more! BRB, I gotta go count down the days until “Feed Your Love” hits.

You’ll be able to stream it and the rest of Wannabe25 on July 9. And if you’re a Spice Girls obsessive like myself, you can buy it on vinyl or cassette July 23 via UMC / EMI.