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Becoming a Full-Time Landscape Photographer: 9 Months on YouTube

Becoming a full-time landscape photographer can be difficult to navigate and there are many paths you can take. I’ve focused heavily on developing a YouTube channel to hopefully turn my passion into more, and in this 3rd update, I go over my progress, revenue, setbacks, and what the future holds. 

Six months ago I wrote the first installment of this series that specifically covers my thoughts on the different paths you can take to becoming a full-time landscape photographer. If you’re wondering why I chose YouTube or what your other options are I highly recommend you check out that article.

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YouTube Isn’t the Music Villain Anymore

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YouTube has long been the most popular music service in the world. What’s changed is that YouTube isn’t the Darth Vader of the music industry anymore.

For years, some artists and suits at record companies loved the zillions of clicks that music videos got on YouTube, but they complained that the site, owned by Google, didn’t generate enough money for them or didn’t do enough to stop rip-offs.

Those grievances haven’t gone away entirely, but they have mostly gone quiet. Why?

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