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1980s Music Scene In New York In Photos

“For a lot of musicians, they may have played a certain kind of music, but they were part of the swirl of creativity happening.”

Posted on June 17, 2021, at 3:17 p.m. ET

Bill Bernstein

DJ Larry Levan at Paradise Garage, 1979

New York is known and beloved for its vibrant music life, but the scene in the early 1980s holds a special place in history. At that time, disco was waning, house music was still underground, and MTV had just started playing music videos to the masses. Punk ruled the night, but so

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12 Galleries That Aren’t in New York or Even Los Angeles

The past year has seen pandemic-triggered migration patterns in the art world: As members of New York’s cultural elite moved out of town, at least temporarily, a number of the city’s art galleries responded in kind, opening satellites in places like Palm Beach, Fla.; East Hampton, N.Y.; and Aspen, Colo. The idea of gallerists following potential buyers is perhaps not so surprising (if a bit depressing), but the trend still amounts to a sort of decentralization. It is also a reminder that good galleries, of course, need not be in New York — and of the fact that, though the

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This Modest New York Apartment Holds One of the Best Art Collections in Town

But Hall took a cue from his grandmother, Rosalie, who lived through the Great Depression. According to Hall, Rosalie had a reputation for frugality, always heading to the bank to put something away. She perpetually demonstrated the importance of saving money for a rainy day, and Hall absorbed her thriftiness from a young age. Today, he lives across the street from the Morgan Library & Museum, but until the age of 16, Hall wasn’t aware that museums even existed. “There were no museums in Wakulla County,” he said. The family could only visit the museum in nearby Tallahassee on

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Young Photographers Capture New York City Reopening in May

“Just seeing the city reawakening and people enjoying life again was surprising,” she said. “It was like, ‘This place isn’t gone.’ ”

The team spent a month sifting through thousands of photos, then editing the more than 80 that appeared in the issue with Ms. Bichler; the digital art director, Kate LaRue; and the designer Claudia Rubin, who created the look and feel of the print issue. Maridelis Morales Rosado, 25, a Brooklyn-based photographer from Puerto Rico, took more than 10,000 photos alone.

Join Michael Barbaro and “The Daily” team as they celebrate the students and teachers finishing a year

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Farewell, Millennial Lifestyle Subsidy – The New York Times

A few years ago, while on a work trip in Los Angeles, I hailed an Uber for a crosstown ride during rush hour. I knew it would be a long trip, and I steeled myself to fork over $60 or $70.

Instead, the app spit out a price that made my jaw drop: $16.

Experiences like these were common during the golden era of the Millennial Lifestyle Subsidy, which is what I like to call the period from roughly 2012 through early 2020, when many of the daily activities of big-city 20- and 30-somethings were being quietly underwritten by Silicon

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Sophie Rivera, Photographer of Latin New York, Dies at 82

Sophie Rivera, a photographer who won acclaim making luminous portraits of Puerto Rican New Yorkers and other city dwellers before turning the camera on herself, died on May 22 in the Bronx. She was 82.

Her husband, Dr. Martin Hurwitz, a psychiatrist, said the cause was a neurodegenerative disease. She lived in Upper Manhattan and had been in a hospice facility in the Bronx.

Ms. Rivera, who was of Puerto Rican descent, began making portraits of her neighbors in the late 1970s, asking passers-by in front of her Morningside Heights apartment building if they were Puerto Rican. If they said

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