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48 Travel Photography Tips to Improve Your Craft

In my mind, I roam the American West and meander along the coast of the Adriatic Sea. I imagine myself at non-descript train depots in Kerala drinking chai with men donning patterned lungis and transport myself to Peru’s Sacred Valley picnicking on yams and grilled cuy. My dreamscapes include vast deserts, forest retreats, even chaotic urban mishegoss. In most of my daydreams, I have a camera by my side.

With COVID-19 far from being under control globally, widespread international travel remains elusive. But for those fortunate enough to be vaccinated and have the financial means, domestic (and even some international)

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10 car photography tips: Take amazing automotive photographs

Car photography is a brilliantly varied genre where it’s just as easy to take fantastic action shots of fast and furious shots as well as sublime static stills of vehicles parked up and showing off their fabulous curves and paintwork in a great location.

For this photoshoot we paired PhotoPlus reader Kamil Graj up with Alan Kenny; a petrol head and resident car photographer at Silverstone Auctions and Classic Car Auctions to take some top pictures of a few cars for one of their upcoming online auctions.

Here you’ll find Alan’s top 10 car photography tips, along with some of

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5 Tips for Black and White Landscape Photography

Capturing photos in black and white is quite a challenging task. It is certainly one of the most complicated fields of landscape photography. One needs to be very careful about the circumstances where the photos will actually look good in black and white.

Taking colors out of a scene is not easy, and one needs to make very subtle yet powerful decisions that the photos will speak more in the absence of colors. I have personally faced various challenges in black and white landscapes, so, in this article, I’ll share five important factors to be kept in mind for shooting

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These are the safety tips that every model and photographer should know

This is an opinion piece and considering I am not a lawyer or work in law enforcement, this is all just advice from experience. Always check the legal and health legislation in the area you are in. Seek professional advice if you feel you have been the victim of a crime.

I’ve been swimming in this industry since the spring of 1997, ultimately on both sides of the lens. I have witnessed titans rise and fall with the decimation of film in favor of digital pixels. I’ve taken part in the tidal wave of new and incredible talent from around

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Learn Some Helpful Portrait Photography Tips While Watching This Photoshoot

Portrait photography can be a real challenge given all the factors you need to balance simultaneously, and the two that often give photographers some of the greatest difficulties are posing and composition. If those are factors you tend to struggle with, check out this helpful video tutorial that follows a photographer on a shoot while offering a range of useful tips to improve your work.

Coming to you from Manny Ortiz, this great video tutorial will show you some helpful tips for improving your portrait photography, particularly with regards to composition and posing. Posing is something a lot of

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10 travel photography tips: shoot side streets and visual treats

In a world when we all have a lot of material gadgets and gizmos, travel is fast becoming the best thing you can spend your hard earned money on. Not only does it leave you with a lifetime of memories, but it also presents photographers with a brand new canvas. 

Last year I was lucky enough to spend four weeks in Thailand and Vietnam. It took a while for my love of street photography to develop; for many years I primarily shot portraits and fashion. The majority of my fashion work, however, was on the street in gritty areas and

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