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interview with the architectural photography studio

led by miguel de guzmán and rocío romero, imagen subliminal is an architectural film and photography studio based in new york city and madrid. both de guzmán and romero studied architecture and use this knowledge to artfully document projects that range from a reconfigurable pneumatic structure in paris to a residential building in brooklyn with cascading rooftop terraces. ‘our training made us naturally focus in architectural photography as it is a way to keep thinking, and somehow working, as architects,’ the duo tells designboom. ‘it also provides the chance to visit and discuss amazing buildings with the team that created

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Akron photographer open the Babe Cave, selfie studio

The two women are helping to take the hassle out of capturing your best self.

CANTON, Ohio — “For the clout, honestly, we just wanted the Instagram pictures.”

There’s plenty that goes into getting the perfect picture for social media. Lighting, angles, and background, just to name a few things. But two Akron photographers are hoping to take away some of the hassle with their selfie studio, The Babe Cave.

 Aisley Herndon and Allie Sayre own Studio 31 in Akron. The 3-story building, which opened in May, is not only home to the Babe Cave, Akron’s first selfie studio, but

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South Portland studio gets in on selfie trend

Entrepreneur Beverly Weaver poses in one of the mini-studios at her new business, SoPo Selfie, opening this week. The studio is part of a nationwide trend of so-called “selfie museums,” where people can come and take photos of themselves in unusual or whimsical environments. Sean Murphy / The Forecaster

Hermon-based entrepreneur Beverly Weaver has arrived in South Portland with a new photo studio for those who want a little extra in their selfies.

“I’m always trying to pay attention to trends,” said Weaver, who said she is capitalizing on a phenomenon that has already spread nationwide.

The studio, dubbed The

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