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Comment: Apple Music is becoming the best streaming service

Apple Music was updated in June with Lossless and Spatial Audio support after some catches and controversies. Even still, thanks to these new features, Apple is differentiating itself from other competing music streaming services and becoming the best platform around. Here’s why.

Early this year, I wrote about my one-month experience with Spotify. At that time, I was amazed by the green side of the music streaming service battle.

Over these months, I still believe Spotify has a lot of perks: its shareable features are amazing and Apple still doesn’t have anything closer to Spotify Connect, but with iOS 14.6

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The Rolling Stones, Tom Jones urge UK to change streaming laws

Mauricio Santana | WireImage | Getty Images

LONDON — Some of the biggest names in the music industry have called on the U.K. government to change the way musicians get paid when their songs are streamed online over platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

The Rolling Stones and Tom Jones are among 75 artists who have added their names to a letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, urging him to change the law regarding the royalties paid from streaming.

Other new signatories include Pet Shop Boys, Yoko Ono, Van Morrison, Barry Gibb, Emeli Sandé and Jarvis Cocker. The total number

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Can Music Survive Streaming? | The New Republic

Laura: So if you think back to the early 2000s—and it’s kind of a dim memory, this age before streaming—the music industry was already struggling. The thing that people were worried about back then was that no one would pay for music at all in the future, that we’d all just be pirating and downloading illegally for free.

Alex: Here’s my memory: I went off to college, and in our dorm, all the dorms were connected on the same network, so everyone was sharing their music libraries. And I was like, “I don’t ever have to buy a record again.”

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Fashion Brands Are Betting on Streaming Ads | BoF Professional, News & Analysis

Last month, CBD beauty label Lord Jones debuted its first advertising campaign, featuring a 30-second video of an Egyptian queen pretending to play dead so she can take a relaxing bath with Lord Jones products.

The campaign will appear in out-of-home ads and in commercials across linear — traditional network and cable — television, but Lord Jones was particularly keen to allocate money to a rising spot for advertisers: streaming networks. The brand bought ads on streaming apps that feature programming from HGTV and CNN.

“A lot of CBD brands have stepped into the mix since 2018,” said Summer Frein,

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