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Amateur Photographer Shares the Story of Her Viral Storm Cloud Photo

Amateur photographer Laura Rowe was simply out on a Sunday drive around East Texas with her boyfriend when she happened upon a spectacular scene. What started out as a normal day transformed into something much bigger when Rowe photographed an electrifying image of storm clouds appearing ready to explode thanks to reflected light from the sunset.

Rowe, who is also a college basketball player, said that she and her boyfriend had just left the Muleshoe National Wildlife Refuge when they noticed a tornado touch down in the distance. They decided to chase the storm and get a closer look. “I

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Far Cry 6 Story Won’t Make a Political Statement, Ubisoft Insists

In recent years, the statement “Our game is not political” has become synonymous with Ubisoft releases. The studio has a penchant for seeking inspiration from real-life political events, but ends up insisting that its games has nothing to do with politics.

Speaking to TheGamer, Ubisoft reiterated once again that Far Cry 6 isn’t making a political statement despite the fact that its development team traveled all the way to Cuba to speak to actual guerrilla fighters and draw inspiration from guerilla movements.

Narrative director Navid Khavari said:

The original inspiration was Guerilla Warfare and what is that guerilla fantasy, which

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Wedding Story: Cheryl Lynn Campbell and Oran Bryant Garrett | Lifestyle

Former Cheryl Lynn Campbell and Oran Brian Garrett married on Wednesday, November 11, 2020. The wedding and reception took place at the Sculpture Courtyard, opposite the Stateside Vodka Distillery in the Northern Liberties.

The Garrett and his wife have a simple garden wedding theme with a daytime brunch. Brunch is their favorite meal and I wanted to incorporate it into my celebration. Their colors were gold, white and green. The flowers for the wedding reception were presented by Jean Brown of Brandy Wine, Maryland. The flowers for the ceremony were provided by the decorator Collectible Treats. Heather McBride Photography provided

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The true story behind the fashion extravaganza as seen in Netflix’s Halston

“Versailles is crumbling; it’s where Napoleon was crowned f***ing empire, it was Marie Atoniette’s house, for Christ’s Sake,” formidable fashion publicist Eleanor Lambert appeals to a reluctant Halston about participating in a fashion competition inside the iconic palace in Netflix’s Halston.

Ryan Murphy’s drama recounts the rise and fall of the legendary designer in the ’70s and ’80s, with Ewan McGregor in the title role, and Kelly Bishop playing Lambert, renowned as the ‘Godmother of Fashion’.

Lambert was plotting a coup to overthrow France’s monopoly of the fashion industry and dismantle the European snobbery that undermined American talent

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