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Is the Newsstand the New Art Gallery? Magazines Are Swapping Out Celebrity Covers for Work by Famous Artists to Stay Relevant

Last summer, after weeks of protests precipitated by the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, two of the country’s most recognizable magazines used their covers to make a statement. And they each turned to artists—not photographers—to do it. 

For their respective September issues, which came out within days of each other, Vanity Fair commissioned painter Amy Sherald to make a defiant portrait of Taylor, while Vogue tapped artists Kerry James Marshall and Jordan Casteel to make their own exultant paintings of Black women.

These images were a far cry from the tired Annie Leibovitz photographs usually found on the

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Post-COVID-19 lifestyle tips to stay healthy as the pandemic eases

Many states are beginning to lift restrictions and ease mask mandates as they move toward business as usual. As more of the population gets vaccinated and the spread of SARS-CoV-2 lessens, people may begin to let their guard down. However, doctors say it’s still important to be careful since infected individuals can be asymptomatic but still contagious.

“As the world begins to get back to its pre-pandemic state, health should stay at front of mind,” says Brenda Rea, MD, DrPH, PT, RD, lifestyle and preventive medicine physician at Loma Linda University Health. “There are things you can do

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