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Photographer Captures Crow Taking an ‘Ant Bath’ | Smart News

After a three-hour walk through a British Columbia nature reserve, photographer Tony Austin had a stroke of luck when a murder of crows landed about 40 feet up the path from him.

As one bird began violently rolling in the dirt and gravel, Austin snapped photos, he tells Cathy Kearney at CBC News. A closer look at the photos later revealed that the crow wasn’t just getting dusty. Its body and wings had become covered in black ants.

“You don’t often see crows that close. They were all strutting around,” says Austin to NPR’s Bill Chappell. “Only the

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What Are Free Little Art Galleries? | Smart News

For much of the past year, art lovers have found themselves unable to attend new exhibitions or visit their favorite museums. But Covid-19 hasn’t stopped people from sharing art: From Zoom events to drive-by displays, options for socially distanced art appreciation abound.

Among the most innovative offerings are Free Little Art Galleries (FLAGs). As Cathy Free reported for the Washington Post in January, these miniature dioramas are outfitted with small paintings, sculptures and even tiny figures. Inspired by the Little Free Library, which bills itself as the world’s “largest book-sharing movement,” FLAGs encourage visitors to take pint-sized artworks home

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