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Does Fish Skin Have a Future in Fashion? | Innovation

Elisa Palomino-Perez sheepishly admits to believing she was a mermaid as a child. Growing up in Cuenca, Spain in the 1970s and ‘80s, she practiced synchronized swimming and was deeply fascinated with fish. Now, the designer’s love for shiny fish scales and majestic oceans has evolved into an empowering mission, to challenge today’s fashion industry to be more sustainable, by using fish skin as a material.

Luxury fashion is no stranger to the artist, who has worked with designers like Christian Dior, John Galliano and Moschino in her 30-year career. For five seasons in the early 2000s, Palomino-Perez had her

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Lifestyle habits to improve the appearance of your skin and hair

Lifestyle habits to improve the appearance of your skin and hair&nbsp

One would’ve never thought that a simple tying of the ponytail could actually cause damage to the roots of the hair. Or maybe sleeping for fewer hours at night can actually cause breakouts. It is quite normal for us to interchange and explores various habits and lifestyle tips from each other and celebs, however, we miss the chance of actually listening to our body when it gives us a warning sign.

There could be a multitude of changes one can make to their lifestyle like trending diets, fragrance

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Skin in the frame: black photographers welcome Google initiative | Photography

Christina Ebenezer first started taking photos with a group of friends when she was a 17-year-old student. Even then, she noticed the difference in how her camera captured people of different skin tones.

“I didn’t think much about this until I got older and became more experienced in photography. It was when I learned that the early Kodak Vericolor Shirley Cards were based on various white women that I thought OK, this was an industry standard that was not made with people like me in mind,” Ebenezer, who has photographed for British Vogue, British GQ, and Vanity Fair, said.

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