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At Prada, Decoding Raf’s Remix | Fashion Show Review

A few brands are staging real-life shows in Milan this season, but Prada once again opted for a digital format to communicate its latest men’s collection. The output consisted solely of a video; no pre-recorded chat between co-creative directors Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons; no Q&A with their fanbase.

That made the experience a bit cold and a bit weird. Without a stated rationale, a Prada collection loses half its charm, as one is left with the clothes, but misses the traditional expounding of the concepts that underpin them, as outlandish and forced they sometimes come across.

The decision was

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Dixie, Charli D’Amelio to host Social Tourist fashion show on TikTok

Dixie and Charli D’Amelio will be showing off more than just their dance moves on Wednesday night at their digital Social Tourist fashion show.

Set to debut on 17-year-old Charli’s TikTok channel at 9 p.m. ET, the world premiere of the sisters’ second collection for their Hollister-exclusive brand will feature cameos from other creatives on the platform, like Avani Gregg and Caroline Ricke (aka Rich Caroline).

Instead of watching models strut down a catwalk, viewers can shop the looks in real time through the Social Tourist website while they ask Dixie and Charli questions in the comments for a

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Philadelphia Orchestra premiere new song for 9-year-old fashion show | Lifestyle

Michael Gardner taught his 9-year-old Ava daughter to make daily affirmations. Every morning, before school, she hype herself in positive words.

It started a few years ago when Ava had some problems making fun of other kids.

“We got into the car, the music didn’t play, and she started:’I’m beautiful. It’s amazing. I’m smart. I’m going to get the job done today,” Gardner said. “Sometimes she says,’It doesn’t matter what someone says about me. I know myself.’”

That morning’s routine continued during the coronavirus pandemic, where Ava’s school was completely remote. Her own words of encouragement were delivered in the

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A Photography Show by Nadine Ijewere

”Seashell,” 2017, from the series “Ugly” for Vogue Italia
Photo: © Nadine Ijewere

“Beautiful Disruption,” an exhibition that opened last week at C/O Berlin in Germany, is a journey through the career of British photographer Nadine Ijewere. At 28 years old, she has already accomplished a remarkable amount. In March, she photographed Selena Gomez for the cover of American Vogue, making her the first Black woman to shoot a cover for the magazine. Three years before that, she was the first woman of color to shoot a cover for British Vogue. And in addition to working

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The Picture Show : NPR

Left: Stephanie Ruiz’s photograph of her family. Photography helped with her anxiety. “The program was one thing that I looked forward to every week. It was like my little escape from being home.” Right: “I enjoy photographing Black joy,” Brianna Logan said. “[Photography] allowed me to document the experience of being Black and elevate the positive experiences.”

Stephanie Ruiz, age 21; Brianna Logan, age 16/The Remote Ally Project, Detroit

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Stephanie Ruiz, age 21; Brianna Logan, age 16/The Remote Ally Project, Detroit

At Bellaire High School, in fall 2020, photographer and educator Rebecca Kiger had

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West Riverside fourth-graders show off skills with photography exhibit

From outdoor landscapes to family photos, a series of photographs taken by West Riverside Elementary School fourth-graders were put on display at The Jessie Ball duPont Center last weekend. 

The exhibit was part of a grant-funded project provided by the Jacksonville Public Education Fund to Abby Solano, a teacher at the school’s Spanish and English dual language program. 

Solano was named the inaugural winner of the Wolfburg Fellowship for Social Justice in Education. The fellowship helped her purchase cameras for her students, bring in a professional photographer to speak to her class, lead a photography field trip to the downtown

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