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Residents seek new Kansas town to protect rural lifestyle

EDGERTON, Kan. (AP) — Residents living on the outskirts of a sprawling industrial park southwest of Kansas City hope that creating their own town will protect their rural lifestyle from encroaching development.

Opposition to the massive Logistics Park Kansas City intermodal facility has been brewing for months, but it boiled over after the Edgerton City Council earlier this year agreed to rezone 700 rural acres to make way for more industrial properties south of Interstate 35, the Kansas City Star reported.

That’s bringing development closer to the rural homes residents say they bought to be surrounded by fields and

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‘This is our cultural heritage’: Spanish photographers seek national archive | Spain

Spain’s best-known photographers have thrown their weight behind a new campaign to establish a national centre to catalogue, share, protect and promote the country’s rich and diverse photographic history.

The Platform for a Centre of Photography and the Image – whose members include Ramón Masats, Isabel Muñoz, Alberto García-Alix, Juan Manuel Castro Prieto and Cristina García Rodero – points out that Spain is one of only a handful of EU countries that does not have a centre exclusively dedicated to photography.

“Comparisons are always odious but when it comes to photography, they’re even more odious,” Castro

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