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Torrington photographer captures city scenes in new book

TORRINGTON — Jamie Tilley recently took a very bad situation and turned it into something he could be proud of and his fellow citizens could enjoy.

“There were news reports about this virus, which I think at that point was being called corona,” said Tilley, a veteran photographer. “We had some concern, but at that point had no idea what it would become. I spent that week in New York City, just wandering and taking pictures. I was getting a fair amount of stuff that I was happy with, so I was feeling really inspired, and just wanted to shoot … Read More

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A tour guide-turned-photographer’s view of Israeli sites and scenes

There’s a spectrum of hues and views in “From The Beginning,” a debut photography exhibit from newcomer Moshe Gold at the Jerusalem Cinematheque.

The 14-photograph exhibit that opened June 3 and runs through June 23 stems from the tour guide’s collection of photos taken in nature throughout Israel, mostly in the last year when he had the time to hike even more than usual.

The photographs portray sites in Israel, from the Sea of Galilee and Dead Sea to the cliffs of Acre, a famed lone tree in the Ruchama Badlands in the south and the starry skies of Mitzpe

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