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Is Sarah Brand’s Awkward ‘Red Dress’ Viral Music Video a Grand Social Experiment?

Musician Sarah Brand gifted the internet the music video for her song “Red Dress” three weeks ago, and has racked up almost half a million views already—impressive for a musician with hardly any social media footprint or fan base.

The song explores the themes of exclusivity and judgement in religion, and was filmed inside Oxford, England’s North Gate Church. But it’s Brand’s singing itself which has left confusion among listeners.

It takes only a few seconds to realise that Brand may not have the voice of an angel, even if she is in a church, and that’s exactly why she’s

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Sarah Jessica Parker Is Following Jennifer Lopez’s Favorite Fashion Rule to Break

Sarah Jessica Parker

Gotham/GC Images Sarah Jessica Parker

Everyone knows that fashion rules don’t really exist. They’re pointless; truly, just wear whatever you like. That being said, the one “rule” people really seem to get worked up over is the whole “no white after Labor Day” thing. Thankfully, Labor Day is still a couple months away, and Sarah Jessica Parker seems to be wearing as many all-white outfits as possible before the time comes to pack them up.

Jennifer Lopez, who often wears plenty of white outfits after Labor Day, has been wearing a lot of all-white

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