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A Dusty Roadrunner, Sleepy Sandhill Crane, and Shy Sandpiper Top the 2021 Audubon Photography Awards



Anna’s Hummingbird and cattail, Karen Boyer Guyton/Audubon Photography Awards/2021 Plants For Birds Honorable Mention. All images courtesy of Audubon, shared with permission

Most years, the Audubon Photography Awards garners entries from photographers who journey around the world to spot the elusive, extraordinary winged creatures they don’t usually see near their homes. The last few months have necessarily restricted travel, though, prompting 2021’s entrants to seek out the unique and remarkable moments happening right around them. Selected from 8,770 images and more than 260 videos, this year’s winners capture a wide array of avian species, including

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Dusty Roadrunner Photo Wins the 2021 Audubon Photography Awards

The National Audubon Society has announced the winning photographs and videos of its 2021 Audubon Photography Awards which showcase the beauty of birds and brings attention to species that are threatened by extinction.

National Audubon Society is a nonprofit conservation organization established in 1905 which works to protect birds and their habitat through various programs and in collaboration with other partners, such as nature centers, and more.

The competition — which is one of the leading North American bird photography competitions — featured eight prizes across five divisions and, for the first time, it awarded the Female Bird Prize and

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