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Fine Art Master Photographer Reveals His Thoughts Behind Two Scenes

Roman Loranc is described by many as a modern-day master of fine art black and white — or at least neutral tone — photography. In two short anecdotes, Loranc shares the thoughts behind some of his imagery.

Below are two stories that are written from Loranc’s first-person perspective. The first discusses a photo he captured of the Columbia River — specifically, the area around Mount Hood in Oregon — and the second discusses a scene where he compares how composition affects the strength of an otherwise nearly identical image. This set of stories is brought to you courtesy of PetaPixel’s

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Olympic photographer reveals what’s in his kit bag for Tokyo 2020

Professional photographer Jeff Cable has revealed the camera kit he’s taken to Tokyo to cover the 2020 Olympic Games (yes, that’s still the name!).

As a seven-time veteran of the Olympics, covering the Games for Team USA and the US Olympic Committee, Cable is better qualified than almost anyone when it comes to assessing the best professional cameras, so to get a glimpse into his camera bag gives a real insight into what a working pro at the highest level relies on to get the job done.

Thanks to Jeff’s brilliant blog, that’s exactly what we’ve been privileged enough

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Histare Group reveals with Silversven

New Delhi [India], July 7 (ANI / PNN): ArtGestalt, a unique market research report produced by Histare Group in a strategic partnership with Silver Seven, analyzes the status of India’s creative sector and its relationship with other parts of the world. And shows great influence. To enable factors to advance the approach.

This report aims to encourage and empower all stakeholders in the creative industries to contribute towards a sustainable growth model, especially for the Indian market, which is not organized according to global standards. is.

To drive demand and better understand, the report aims to decipher buyers at both

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Professional mountain bike photographer reveals what’s inside his kit bag

Martin Bissig has a created a successful career by combining his three passions of mountain biking, traveling and, of course, photography. He’s currently one of only two Swiss ambassadors in the Canon Europe Ambassador program and is considered one of the most published outdoor photographers in Europe.

His travel reports in 2019 featured in more than 50 publications and 20 countries. In the last three years he’s been running photography workshops on composition, flash, story development and editing.  

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We sat down with Martin, who regularly shoots for professional riders and clients including Red Bull,

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