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Art Industry News: Damien Hirst Got a $21 Million Loan From the U.K. Government’s Pandemic Relief Fund + Other Stories

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Ethics Chief Says Hunter Biden’s Art Prices Are Fishy – Walter Shaub, the former director of the U.S. office of government ethics under President Obama, said that Hunter Biden’s art sales seem “shameful and grifty” because the buyers are anonymous. (Welcome to the art market, Walter!) He worries people could be paying for access to his father’s government through the purchase of his son’s paintings, which, as

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Lorraine Relief Army Captain Goes Forward | Lifestyle

Being in Lorraine for the past few years as a Salvation Army captain has given Jimmy and Melissa Susa great joy.

The couple moved to Lorraine in 2014 with their eldest son, Danny (now 10 years old).

Sousa said Ohio has lasting roots because her two youngest children, Ethan (4 years old) and Benjamin (18 months old), were born here.

“They love it here. They’ve always been fans of the Browns.”

Rev. Jimmy Susa was born in Colombia, South America, and his wife Melissa is from Peru.

When they were young, they grew up in New York.

Their next move

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