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Female gymnasts use music while men gymnasts don’t — and the reason dates back a century

The women will leap and flip and tumble to recorded music. The men’s routines will be accompanied by silence.

The reason for the disparity dates back almost a century, when female gymnasts competed for the first time at the Olympics and rules for their events were established. Experts in gymnastics say expectations for female athletes were different then.

But even though women gymnasts today are more powerful and athletic than their counterparts from the mid-1900s — sometimes even doing things men can’t do — elements of dance, choreographed to music, remain a required component of their floor exercises.

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The reason we live an Amish lifestyle | Columnists

“How do you do it?” you ask. I know our culture is dramatically not the same as the majority of you. I enjoy your questions about our lifestyle and even more about our belief system.

If you ask about the Amish lifestyle, I can only speak for our community. There are more different types of Amish than I even know about. Chuckling, I find myself thinking that placing all Amish in the same boat may be like putting all non-Amish in the same boat. Funny. No, wherever you go, you’ll find more people than you can count, with more belief

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