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How long will YOU live? From lifestyle & diet to social life, take our quiz to find out

WE all know someone who lived to 90 drinking whisky and smoking fags – so how much does your lifestyle REALLY affect your lifespan?

The Covid pandemic has seen the average life expectancy in the UK drop by 16 months for men to 78 years, and 11 months for women to 82.


From lifestyle to diet to social life, take our quiz to find out how long you will liveCredit: Getty

Dr Veena Raleigh, senior fellow at healthcare charity The King’s Fund, told Fab Daily: “Such a drop is unprecedented in modern times, representing the biggest fall in

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A Coffee Break Photography Quiz

How well do you know photography? Here’s a quiz to test your knowledge of all things camera-related. I doubt anyone else can get them all right apart from you. Settle down with a cup of coffee and give it a go.

Here in the UK, there are young men and women just finishing sitting their school exams. Exam conditions are a totally false environment with little relation to real life. At no other time do we have to sit down in a totally silent room, isolated from others, and recall information without discussing it with our peers. Exams have little

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