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PS4 Public Beta Firmware 9.0 Available, Displays PS5 Trophies on PS4

Following on from the release of the first PS5 system software beta update earlier this week, Sony has now released Public Beta Firmware 9.0 for the PS4 according to ResetEra member nano. While the list of updates is nowhere near as extensive as its newer console counterpart, one of the most notable changes it does make is to allow PlayStation 5 trophies to be displayed on PlayStation 4.

The main change in the beta firmware update is to allow PlayStation 5 trophies to be viewed on PlayStation 4. Previously PS4 players were only able to view trophies from PS3, PS4,

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Art 321 to hold public forum amid row between Casper Artists’ Guild Members, Executive Director

Courtesy Casper Visitor’s Bureau

CASPER, Wyo. — Art 321 will host a public comment forum Tuesday, June 29, from 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. to address the emergence of a contentious relationship between members of the founding Casper Artists’ Guild and the administration of Executive Director Tyler Cessor.

At issue are organizational changes that Cessor has brought since becoming Executive Director in January 2020. Those changes shifted decision-making responsibilities away from the Guilds’ traditional all-volunteer committees to professional staff and advisory committees made up of artists from around the state.

Formed in 1924 and incorporated as a nonprofit in 1978, the

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Global Wellness Institute spotlights public art and wellness trend

The Global Wellness Institute has spotlighted a new kind of architecture and design trend in which public spaces are specifically aimed at nurturing our wellbeing.  

The pandemic brought a huge new desire for the outdoors and nature, and it spurred cities to rethink their centuries-old landscapes: moving away from cars, pollution, and endless consumerism and retail to develop more green spaces and parks.

In cities, biophilic design and new multisensory experiences of nature are increasing and are specifically incorporating art and wellness into the experience. The floating park Little Island just opened in NYC, a cultural and natural playground with

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In New York and More, Public Art Is Taking on Thorny Social Issues

“The return of culture and the return of people to embrace that culture is ultimately what’s going to carry our city out of Covid,” Mr. Speyer said. “Our responsibility to enhance the public art program is greater than ever, just as it was during the Great Depression.”

Penny Balkin Bach, executive director and chief curator of the Association for Public Art, a nonprofit that commissions and promotes public art in Philadelphia, said viewership likely rose during the pandemic, as it was often the only means for people to safely engage with artworks. “Public art organizers all over the country

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