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How To Paint Vinyl Backgrounds for Food and Product Photography

Food and product photography backgrounds can be incredibly difficult to come by in certain parts of the world. There are lots of tutorials out there about how to create your own textured backgrounds and wood backgrounds. But vinyl backgrounds are the bomb when it comes to portability and saving space. Creating them isn’t too difficult either.

Ninety percent of the backgrounds I use in my own photography are ones I have created. My textured backgrounds I created by following the Joanie Simon method. My vinyl backgrounds I paint using my skills as an oil painter and a fan of the

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Pick Best Waist Trainers to Start Your Weight Loss Journey

With the advancement in the fashion and lingerie industry, shapewears are no longer limited to a single purpose. Earlier it was believed that wearing shapewear will only make you look slim, but now shapewears can help you lose weight too.

Yes, ladies, it is possible! Most of the shapewear today is made of Neoprene Material, which helps increase the perspiration of the body and thus makes the process of weight loss much more convenient and fun. 

Shapellx offers you a variety of plus size waist trainers and waist and thigh trainers that are available in different shapes and sizes, and Read More

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