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Never before seen Andy Warhol photographs go on display

Andy Warhol carried a camera with him obsessively. Similarly to his tape recorder, he used this technology not only as an artistic medium and a means of documenting his life, but also as a way of negotiating the world around him. ”I think everybody should be a machine,” he famously claimed, arguably preferring to mediate intimacy and social anxiety with his lens rather than embrace the unalloyed chaos which the emotional life of humans invariably entails. 

As a compulsive image-maker, he took endless photographs of the extraordinary individuals at the Factory with his many cameras, also using the Times Square

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Pay More Attention to This and Your Photographs Will Improve

One of the simplest ways to make your images more effective is by paying attention to this one fundamental component of photography and applying it in ways that you may not have thought of.


In a recent beginning landscape photography workshop that I held, one student said his takeaway would be to look for contrast when choosing his compositions. That got me thinking about all the different ways that contrast comes into play when looking for good landscape images. So, I decided to take a closer look and see what other ways, besides the difference between lights and darks, 

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Over 6,000 Photographs of Old Hollywood Acquired by the Hood Museum

More than 6,000 Hollywood photographs have entered the collection of the Hood Museum of Art at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire. The images span the history of Hollywood from 1916 to the 1970s and include film production stills, portraits, and publicity shots. They previously belonged to John Kobal, a film historian who wrote over 30 books on movies and movie photography; built an unrivaled collection of Hollywood portrait photography; and curated some of the first major exhibitions on the era.

Some of the images in the acquisition are by unknown photographers, while others are by figures such as Ernst

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Create amazing time-stacked landscapes to make your photographs stand out

Watch video: Create a fantastic time-stacked landscape photograph

The beautiful light at sunrise and sunset makes it one of the most photogenic periods to shoot in. A single photograph can be impressive, but I’m going to show you how to take a whole series of images that capture the whole range of tones. From warm gold to brilliant pinks and blues in the blue hour, we’ll show you how to combine them in Photoshop to create an epic time-stack image. 

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We’re essentially going to shoot a time-lapse sequence, firing the camera at

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