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Tips for photographing fireworks | Popular Photography

When I photograph fireworks, I always think of a sentence from Jonathan Miller’s wonderful book, On Reflection: “The natural world reveals itself in borrowed light.” To me, it’s kind of funny that I think about this when I’m shooting fireworks because this type of photography is actually an exception to the rule.  Most of the photographs we take—from a portrait of a mother holding her baby, to a sweeping—involve capturing light that’s reflected off of the main subjects. But when you photograph fireworks, it’s like you’re photographing a sunrise or sunset: the light source itself becomes the subject. 


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An elderly couple in Spain kissed through plastic film because of COVID-19. An AP photographer just won a Pulitzer for photographing the moment.

Emilio Morenatti began photographing the elderly in Spain during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, when it was decimating communities throughout Europe, and provided a glimpse into what was happening to the most vulnerable populations internationally for the remainder of the year.

A devastating view of a body on a gurney next to a Christmas tree two days before the holiday. An elderly couple hugging and kissing through a plastic film screen. The body of a person holding a rosary while lying peacefully in a coffin.

For his work, the Barcelona-based photographer was awarded the 2021 Pulitzer Prize in

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