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How Much Do Top Landscape Photographers Actually Earn Selling NFTs?

I analyzed the top 50 landscape photographers with accounts on the NFT auction platform Foundation, between July 5th and 9th to answer the following question: How much do landscape photographers earn from selling NFTs?

Below is a summary of my full findings that can be read on my website.

Specifically, I used public data to compile the following:

  • My list of 50 Top landscape Photographers selling NFTs on Foundation, ranked in order of ETH sales between the snapshot dates (July 5 through 9, 2021) to get a feeling for the range of earnings
  • Stats like the max, min,
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50 AD-Approved Photographers for Your Next Interior Shoot

Ty Cole Based in both Los Angeles and Brooklyn, Cole adroitly navigates a wide array of clients, from architecture firms to corporate behemoths like PNC Bank and Morgan Stanley. He’s also a treasured collaborator here at AD, and has contributed to Domino, Fortune, and Departures, among others. tycole.com

Petra Ford A Chicago native who now spends the majority of her time in Los Angeles, Ford photographs projects that touch fashion, travel, interior design, and more. Captivated by street photography, she brings an eye for authentic, unposed moments to her work. Her images of residential spaces exude

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Photographers Share How To Get Good Photos

Alec Soth / Magnum Photos

If the phrase “there’s nothing new under the sun” were invoked about photography, some images would immediately come to mind. Whether it’s phone photos of a tourist site that our maps app points us to over and over, or how we’re all slowly starting to look like the same generic Instagram influencer, photos can be repetitive, trite, and overdone. But that doesn’t mean that any of us should quit, throw the camera down, and take up basket weaving. Good photographs are out there waiting to be taken, and Jason Fulford is on a mission

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Women photographers and their work celebrated in two new art exhibitions: “This is an alternate history of photography”

The contributions of women behind the lens have often been overlooked, but two new exhibitions at the High Museum of Art, Atlanta, and at The Metropolitan Museum of Art are hoping to change that by putting a focus on work that until now has been “underexposed.”

The work of photographer Sheila Pree Bright speaks volumes through the pictures she takes. Some of her work includes photographs taken during the Ferguson protests.

“I’m always seeking to challenging stereotypes and showing the universal commonality amongst us all,” Pree Bright told CBS News’ Dana Jacobson.

Those photographs, along with photos from 85 women

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Six Reasons Why the Most Successful Photographers Choose Format

To be successful as a photographer you have to be able to run a business. It’s no longer good enough to take excellent photos, you now have to manage daily tasks to help land more clients, while ensuring existing clients repeat their business or bring you referrals.

Photographers need the right set of tools to make running their business as easy as possible. Certain tools enable photographers to spend less time on the more mundane administrative tasks, and more time focusing on what they love: photography.

There are many solutions available to photographers, but some are better than others. In

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A Photographer Called Out Quavo For Not Crediting Her In An Instagram Repost And Other Photographers Are Relating

A photographer is getting a lot of sympathy from her industry peers after she tweeted about a time in 2019 that Quavo reposted her photo without a credit on his Instagram account.

Breanna Seward, 25, is a multimedia artist and licensed aesthetician. Although the incident happened nearly two years ago, Seward tweeted about it this week and her tweet quickly went viral.

“I wonder how many bookings I would have got if homie had tagged me,” she wrote, sharing a screenshot from Quavo’s Instagram post of her photo.

Seward told BuzzFeed News that in September 2019, she was working as

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