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Photographer captures abstract bird flyby in front of the magnificent solar eclipse

Photos and videos of the recent partial solar eclipse are starting to come in, leaving me incredibly inspired. Photographer Zev Hoover made a series of photos that made my jaw drop the moment I saw them. He captured a sequence of a bird flyby in front of the solar eclipse, adding a dash of abstraction to this amazing scene. I spoke with Zev a bit about how he took them, and he kindly shared some details and of course – the photos – with DIYP.

Zev is an imaging engineer and photographer based in Boston. On 10 June, Zev, his

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Food Photographer Reviews Nikon’s 105mm f/2.8 Macro Z-Mount Lens

Acclaimed food photographer Joanie Simon, known as The Bite Shot on YouTube, has published a video that details why food photographers will love Nikon’s new 105mm f/2.8 Macro Lens.

Joanie Simon is a commercial and editorial food photographer whose work has seen the covers of cookbooks, to website banners, to social media content. She is also a YouTuber and educator and has been active on the platform since 2017. Her channel, called The Bite Shot, is where Simon focuses her efforts on teaching the ins and outs of professional food photography.

Simon says she was elated to finally see a

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Jay-Z Sues Photographer Jonathan Mannion Over Likeness Use

Photo: PA Images via Getty Images

Jay-Z has filed a lawsuit against hip-hop photographer Jonathan Mannion, accusing Mannion of profiting off the rapper’s likeness without permission. The lawsuit alleges that Mannion, who shot the cover of Jay-Z’s debut album, Reasonable Doubt, “exploited” Jay-Z’s name and image “without [his] consent.” Further, the lawsuit claims that Mannion uses images of Jay-Z on his website in addition to selling prints of the rapper for thousands of dollars, without Jay-Z’s consent. “Jay-Z never gave Mannion permission to resell any of the images,” the lawsuit reads. “Nor did Jay-Z authorize Mannion to use his

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Photographer Combines Fantasy and Boudoir for Cinematic Results

A California-based wedding photographer who experienced the devastating impact the pandemic had on his industry decided to experiment with something that combines his passions: mythical fantasy boudoir.

Originally from a filmmaking background, Chris Koeppen is today a wedding and boudoir photographer who likes to tell stories with each individual image he produces for his clients. When his dream of becoming a film director didn’t quite materialize, Koeppen turned to shooting weddings and commercial work.

Koeppen tells PetaPixel that his work and passion for weddings were further elevated after he took a workshop with photographer Jeff Newsom, which helped him

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Local photographer opens gallery in Woodstock | Nvdaily

WOODSTOCK — For more than two decades, local photographer Andrew Thayer has been capturing scenes throughout the Shenandoah Valley. Now, his photographs have a place to call home.

Thayer, who owns and operates Andrew Thayer Photography, recently opened his own studio and gallery at 301 W. Court St. in Woodstock.

The space became available after Gene Taylor, who had a photography and frame shop called Studio Shenandoah for over 30 years in the same building, retired last year. Thayer is now renting the space after having worked there for Taylor in the early 1990s.

“I’ve been a photographer for over

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Amateur Photographer Shares the Story of Her Viral Storm Cloud Photo

Amateur photographer Laura Rowe was simply out on a Sunday drive around East Texas with her boyfriend when she happened upon a spectacular scene. What started out as a normal day transformed into something much bigger when Rowe photographed an electrifying image of storm clouds appearing ready to explode thanks to reflected light from the sunset.

Rowe, who is also a college basketball player, said that she and her boyfriend had just left the Muleshoe National Wildlife Refuge when they noticed a tornado touch down in the distance. They decided to chase the storm and get a closer look. “I

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