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How to Photograph in Harsh Sun

Those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are now in the throes of summer, which means harsh sunshine for a larger part of the day. While midday sun is generally not ideal for photographs, it isn’t always avoidable. Luckily, there are some simple ways to work around and even with that blazing star and still end up with strong images.

We’ve all heard it many, many times: you should avoid taking photographs during the middle of the day. And it is true that generally speaking, the best time to take photographs is early in the morning or late in the

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My Amazon rainforest angel: Claudia Andujar’s best photograph | Art and design

It was 1971 when I photographed the Yanomami tribe of Brazil for the first time. I knew that it would take time to build our relationship, but I wanted to see if we could become friends. For me, the best photographers are those who are truly interested in their subjects.

The Yanomami is a big population of indigenous people who live in the Amazon rainforest in northern Brazil and southern Venezuela; several thousand live in Brazil alone. A small village can be as few as 40 people, or a big one as many as 200. When I first went

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How to take a good photograph of the moon on your phone or camera with the right settings | Photography

When a full moon rises, many people will pull out their mobile phones to try and get an Instagram-worthy photograph, but unfortunately the moon is really challenging to get a great photo of.

Two reasons: it is very far away and unless you have a telephoto lens (which makes the moon appear closer than it is) it will always appear as a very small glowing dot in the frame.

Secondly, shooting at night is really difficult. Professional cameras allow you to change your ISO or your sensitivity rating which means you can shoot in low light situations without losing the

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Iggy Pop ascends to greatness: Tom Copi’s best photograph | Photography

Iggy Pop and I went to the same high school in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where I graduated a year ahead of him. I was not particularly into the local rock scene but I did photograph activities on and around the university campus, including a band called the Prime Movers, in which Jim Osterberg played drums. Later, Jim started a band called Iggy and the Iguanas, and thenceforth, he was Iggy.

I photographed Iggy’s new band the Stooges at the university’s Hill Auditorium. One of the pictures from that session in 1968 was later used on the movie poster to

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Amish girls on holiday at the beach: Dina Litovsky’s best photograph | Art and design

I picked this image because it’s one of only a few where I got to know the people in the photograph. I usually take a fly-on-the-wall approach, observing groups at a distance. I’m interested in exploring how people kick back, and most of my projects are connected by leisure and contemporary culture. I did a series called Bachelorette, documenting the cultural ritual of bachelorette parties, as a night of release for women. Another looked at the nightlife in Manhattan’s high-gloss Meatpacking district – a microcosm of sexual politics. But I didn’t interact with the people in those pictures or

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What Makes a Compelling Landscape Photograph?

Long before photography was even a dream, people were trying to document the beauty of landscapes in a two-dimensional medium. From romantic interpretations of natural beauty to the realistic and mystifying Hudson River School painters, there have always been trends in how we see the landscape.

As photography became the more accessible method of capturing these scenes, we see new trends in composition and style come and go in years rather than decades. On the other hand, we see elements in modern photographs that work just as well as they did centuries ago in paintings.

This story is brought to

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