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10 pet photography tips: Take amazing puppy portraits at home

Pet photography is an incredibly fun and rewarding genre to get into if you have a love for animals, especially if you or loved ones have willing subjects you can practice on. However, many animals (including well trained ones) can be chaotic and unpredictable making it tricky to get a good shot.

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Laura Galbraith is a dog lover and professional pet photographer who won the Guild of Photographers’ Bird Image of the Year title in 2019, and Nature and Wildlife Image of the Year in 2020. 

We paired her with reader of 

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Want Great Pet Pictures? A Professional Photographer Shares Tips

black and white dog

Courtesy of Vincent Lagrange

To take awesome pet photos, you might think it’s necessary to have a fancy camera, a high-powered lens, a bank of lights, and a bag full of treats. But Vincent Lagrange, a photographer who specializes in animal portraiture, says stillness is your most powerful tool.

“I make sure the setting and decor are quiet with as few distractions as possible. Remove any sort of noise to create a calm atmosphere,” he tells Daily Paws. “I also make sure I can shield myself with curtains if I really have to in order to

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