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Something old, something new: Summer art scene celebrates ‘Aspen ethos,’ brings fresh perspectives | News

On a warm Saturday night in early June, I wandered upon a crowd gathered in and around the bright walls of Fat City Gallery. Music, laughter and conversations about art, history and a certain Hunter S. Thompson drifted from the corner of Cooper Avenue. This lively, clearly local art scene was like a flame to a moth for this 22-year-old recent Aspen resident.

Locals at the opening were warm and welcoming, energized by the provocative propagandist prints and the opportunity to express this moment in Aspen history through an artistic experience. Gallery Director and Curator Daniel Joseph Watkins (commonly known

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Wonder Woman, Photography, and the Benefit of Looking at Art From New Perspectives

Today, a short story about how forcing yourself to look at art from a different perspective can sometimes help you see the whole picture.

I hate superheroes. Actually, that’s not completely true. I hate movies about superheroes. Wait, no, maybe that is still an overstatement. It’s not that I hate superhero movies. It’s just that I hate that there are so darn many of them. Perhaps it’s because I grew up during a time when movies about people in capes and tights were only an occasional thing when a plucky producer could somehow scrape the money every few years to

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