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If You’re Wearing These Shorts, I Know You’re a Fashion Person

There are certain items that have become fashion person calling cards. Whether it be a petite Jacquemus bag or an oversized blazer, there’s a laundry list of things that have maybe yet to hit the mainstream but are so popular among fashion insiders that when I spot them IRL, I just know the person in question is clued into the key trends. Today, I’m focusing your attention on one fashion-person wardrobe staple in particular: Bermuda shorts. While the trend was definitely deemed “out there” when it first landed on radars, it’s now thought of as an updated closet staple.


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Photographer Donavon Smallwood: ‘What’s it like to be a black person in nature?’ | Photography

Since he was seven years old, Donavon Smallwood had lived in the same apartment in Harlem close to the northern tip of Central Park. As a teenager, he hung out there with his friends and, later, as he became interested in photography, he would often wander through the park with his camera looking for hidden places where the clamour of the city seemed a world away. “So many urban communities don’t have any nature spaces,” he says, “so I was lucky to have one close by.”

In 2019, he had “a vague idea for a project about walking and

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