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Positivity pays off | Lifestyle

Is your glass half empty, half full, or at this point have you thrown the glass away?!? Life is hard and stress is inevitably a part of it, but, believe it or not, staying positive can make things better. Even if you tend to be more like Eeyore or Piglet than Winnie the Pooh or Tigger, with intentionality and a little practice, you too can find some optimism.

n Focus on the Positive: We all experience days where everything seems to be going wrong or feels out of control. If your mind starts to spiral into thoughts of everything bad

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Why Peloton pays artists more per play than Spotify and Apple Music.

One of the streaming platforms that pays out the highest amount of artist royalties for every song played isn’t Spotify, Apple Music, or the supposedly artist-friendly Tidal—it’s Peloton. That is to say, not a streaming service, but the luxurious, glitzy fitness company, whose recent megapopularity has been matched only by its controversy.

Per music industry blog the Trichordist’s most recent “Streaming Price Bible,” Peloton’s payout rate per stream based on 2019 measurements was a whopping 3.1 cents, far exceeding the fractions offered to music rights holders by Spotify (0.35 cents), Apple Music (0.68 cents), YouTube (0.15 cents), and

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Hipgnosis to pay bigger dividend as $1bn music rights spree pays off | Music industry

Hipgnosis, which owns the rights to 65,000 songs by artists from Neil Young to Beyoncé, has raised its dividend as it expects the pandemic-fuelled streaming boom to continue as listening increases on digital services such as TikTok and Peloton.

The London-listed company, which makes money every time one of the songs to which it owns the rights are played, almost doubled revenues from $82m to $160m in the year to the end of March.

This was fuelled by a $1bn (£722m) spending spree on evergreen hits during the pandemic, with Hipgnosis buying the rights to 84 song catalogues last year,

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Satellite summer: Lehmann Maupin and Carpenters Workshop Gallery collaborate in Aspen, while Christie’s pays homage to the Hamptons

Aspen and the Hamptons are attracting prominent galleries
Aspen: © Ava Hermann; Hamptons: © Clay LeConey

It began last year, perhaps as a necessity. Galleries, their doors shut for months due to a global pandemic and the prospect of selling at in-person art fairs as unsure as getting stock market advice from Reddit, followed the paths of settlers from the pages of American history—they pulled up stakes and moved west… and south… and east. Setting up outposts in tony vacation hamlets such as Aspen, Palm Beach and the Hamptons as a way to bring work directly to their clients, these

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Art exhibition pays tribute to frontline healthcare workers – Florida Trend

Nelson Cárdenas has already received acclaim for his art. However, the self-taught artist who is a prep cook at Orlando Health Dr. P. Phillips Hospital recently embarked on another project to promote positivity and healing during the COVID-19 pandemic, for which he’s now receiving a different type of praise.

Tonight, an exhibition of Mr. Cárdenas’ portraits of hospital staff who provided care to COVID-19 patients during the pandemic will open at the Orange County Regional History Center in downtown Orlando. Titled Healthcare Heroes: Portraits of Orlando Health’s Frontline Workers, the group of thirteen large, stunning portraits by the Central

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