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Chimpanzees in St. Lucie County make NFT paintings sold to support their sanctuary

FORT PIERCE, Fla. — There are some unlikely artists in St. Lucie County getting in on a growing trend of digital art, selling online for big money.

These artists are the primal kind- chimpanzees at Save the Chimps- making art that will raise money to maintain their sanctuary.

From living in cages, subjected to medical testing and experiments, to now living in an open sanctuary, 224 chimps call Save the Chimps their home.

“They are beautiful. They’re amazing,” said Ana Paula Tavares, CEO of Save the Chimps.

Tavares is tasked with giving the chimps the closest experience she can to

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The Lockdown Made Collectors Even Hungrier for Paintings of the Human Form. Is Figuration Fatigue Coming Next?

The Art Detective is a weekly column by Katya Kazakina for Artnet News Pro that lifts the curtain on what’s really going on in the art market.


Reflecting on the contemporary art market’s voracious appetite for portraiture today, an art dealer recently told me over coffee: Imagine all these collectors waking up one morning, looking around their homes, and asking themselves, “Who are all these people?”

It was a joke, of course. But it got me thinking: Is there figuration fatigue on the horizon? 

There’s a glut of figurative art out there: on social media, in galleries, auction salesrooms, and

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