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Fashion’s Next Big Opportunity in China: Older Shoppers | China Decoded, BoF Professional

Grace Han’s videos on Douyin, China’s version of TikTok, have amassed more than two billion views. Her lifestyle — which features frequent breakfasts at Shanghai’s five-star Bulgari Hotel, events for high-end brands, and a bold fashion sense — is aspirational to her hundreds of thousands of social media followers.

What makes Han, affectionately known as Auntie Han, even more of an inspiration to her fans is her age. At 74, she is one of a growing cohort of “silver-haired KOLs” (or key opinion leaders, as influencers are commonly called in China) who are gaining traction in the world’s most populous

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Older Models Aren’t a Passing Fashion, They Make Sense Financially and Socially

I was reading Harper’s Bazaar recently and noticed a story on the trend for older models to dye their hair in punk colors. Used to seeing women over 50 pigeonholed into the elegant, black-wearing and austere cliché that seems to define that demographic within media, it was both exciting and validating—I have every intention of being punk rock and pastel-haired through the end of my 30s, into my 70s, and beyond. The featured models were in their late 60s through 80s.

I contacted one of them—Judith Ann Warren, 67—to tell her that I loved the story and she responded, saying

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Healthy Lifestyle Linked to Better Cognition for Older Adults, Regardless of Genetic Risk

The study authors sought to evaluate whether the link between lifestyle and cognition varies by APOE genotype among the elderly.

A study of adults 80 years and older indicates that a healthier lifestyle may help reduce the risk of cognitive impairment regardless of whether a person carries a particular form of the gene APOE, according to a study by PLOS Medicine.1

The study authors sought to evaluate whether the link between lifestyle and cognition varies by APOE genotype among the elderly. Previous research has linked both cognitive impairment and Alzheimer disease, but it has been unclear whether

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When renting instead of owning is a lifestyle choice for older tenants

Moving on from the family home can be a big step, but it opens the door to the next chapter. Forever Homes shines a light on the options for retirement in style.

We’ve grown up thinking that renting is something we do when we’re young, before and after the OE, or in the first few years of working. After that, we buy our own place.

This is no longer the reality. It takes, on average, 8.5 years to save for a deposit for a home, according to CoreLogic, and one-in-three Kiwi households (31.9 per cent) rent their home, says Stats

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