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Lifestyle modifications after the diagnosis of gynecological cancer | BMC Women’s Health

141 of 291 patients completed the questionnaire, corresponding to a participation rate of 48%. After exclusion of the patients that had passed away at the time of the interview, the participation rate amounts to 59%. Figure 1 depicts the participation in the study with inclusion of the reasons for non-participation.

Fig. 1

Flow-chart of participation and non-participation in the study

The majority of patients suffered from ovarian cancer (64%, n = 90). 23% (n = 32) were suffering from endometrial cancer, 9% (n = 13) from cervical cancer and further 4% (n = 6) from vulvar cancer.

Subjective lifestyle evaluation

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Lifestyle Modifications Support Brain Health

The CDC defines dementia as a general term used to describe the impaired ability to remember, think, or make decisions in a way that interferes with everyday activities.1 An estimated 5 million individuals in the United States have dementia with Alzheimer disease (AD), the most common form.1 Interest in brain health is high, with recent survey results showing that about 25{1a2a5022a52b7f44d3c003be9afa129e2349806f3225e736ca8b1c4309d27447} of adults over age 50 years take a supplement to improve their brain health with the promise of enhanced memory and sharper attention and focus.2

Age has long been known as the strongest predictor of developing

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