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A New Model for Funding Fashion Start-Ups | BoF Professional, News & Analysis

It was only a couple of months after Allegra Shaw and Shirin Soltan launched their sustainable clothing label, Uncle Studios, when they hit cash flow issues.

They had used their own funds to start their brand in late 2017, and much of that went to manufacturers. The duo had hoped a bank loan would cover marketing and other costs in order to scale, but lender after lender turned them down.

“When you’re an entrepreneur and you’re young, banks don’t trust you with loans,” said Shaw, who is based in Toronto. “We weren’t eligible to get enough money.”

Months later, Shaw

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Sustainable Fashion Is #NotJustTrending For Charlee Fraser, The Indigenous Australian Model

With the fashion world inviting guests to runway shows again, some have focused on changing the entire spectrum, which fashion week is the prism. Currently, Copenhagen Fashion Week has made it their signature to implement sustainable requirements. Participants from sponsors to fashion brands must adhere to a list of mandates to decrease the overall carbon footprint created by a single fashion week.

A consciousness for ethical practice has spread throughout the fashion industry. This tactic goes hand-in-hand with the idea of sustainability, not just as a COVID pandemic lingers but as

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These are the safety tips that every model and photographer should know

This is an opinion piece and considering I am not a lawyer or work in law enforcement, this is all just advice from experience. Always check the legal and health legislation in the area you are in. Seek professional advice if you feel you have been the victim of a crime.

I’ve been swimming in this industry since the spring of 1997, ultimately on both sides of the lens. I have witnessed titans rise and fall with the decimation of film in favor of digital pixels. I’ve taken part in the tidal wave of new and incredible talent from around

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A swimsuit model at 71: ‘You’ve only got one body so you may as well be proud of it’ | Australian fashion week

Sarah Grant donned a swimsuit to make her Australian fashion week runway debut on Thursday, at the age of 71.

Wearing a black scoop-neck one-piece with a breezy floral over shirt, Grant walked the Aqua Blu show to a capacity crowd at Carriageworks in Sydney.

“It’s great for older women to see a more mature person wearing an outfit because then they can relate to it, and it’s good for business because baby boomers are one of the largest demographics when it comes to buying fashion,” Grant says. “Wearing a swimsuit wasn’t a problem for me because 70 is the

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