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The Best-Dressed Models, Editors, and Designers at Men’s Fashion Week Share the Stories Behind Their Looks

Does this represent a typical look for you, or do you like to try new things during Fashion Week?

I’m pretty chill when it comes to getting dressed: a pair of shorts, a simple T-shirt, a sweater, a jacket. Lots of layers. I’m very much a West Coast dresser, and this is the amped-up fashion version of that. I bike, walk, scooter, and run from show to appointment to show, which is how I get around [the city] at any time of year. So with anything I’m wearing, I have to make sure it’s functional. That said, there have been

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The 20 Best Men’s Fashion Items on Sale for Memorial Day 2021

It’s almost the (unofficial) start of summer. And you know what that means: sales! Loads and loads of ’em, spanning everything from mattresses and home goods t0 grooming essentials and men’s fashion. We’re focusing on that last one here, but if you’re interested in exploring the vast array of savings that Memorial Day Weekend brings with it, you can do that right here.

As with any gigantic shopping event, the biggest issue isn’t finding deals so much as finding good deals. Who has the time to sift through thousands of “meh” menswear picks in order to ID the truly great

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How to wear a jazzy knit | Men’s fashion

Did the Christmas jumper – with its over-the-top, graceless charm – wear down our innate understanding that all knitwear should be as simple as possible? Over the years, this seasonal staple has crept into our consciousness like a bad sprout and made a lasting cultural impact. Because now, especially after Harry Styles rode his patchwork JW Anderson cardigan into viral ubiquity, the jumper has been transformed.

These days, a knit has to be striking in order to work. But let’s be clear: I’m not talking about bad caricatures woven into wool; alarmingly cosy words shouting at you in a

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This mini-series shows what it’s like to be a woman photographer in a “men’s world”

Fashion accessory brand HEX has released a mini-series that focuses on women photographers. Appropriately titled Women in Focus, the series highlights five female creatives who talk about the challenges and successes of being a woman in a predominantly male profession. And for all the ladies out there, these five great women also offer some advice on navigating the photography space as a woman.

“HEX has always been about supporting and encouraging creativity,” the company writes. “In an industry with a history of being predominantly male, we feel it is essential for women in all stages of their careers to

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