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Reimagining Gen Z Fashion, Cinta The Label Launches Its First London Pop Up

Amy Sturgis is no stranger to all things fashion — she’s been working in public relations in the field since the age of 21 and counts Manolo Blahnik, Aspinal of London and All Things Mochi as previous clients and career experience. For someone who’s orchestrated hundreds, if not more, events and brand pop-ups, this one for Cinta the Label hits differently: the London-based contemporary, sustainable womenswear brand known for its innocently carefree and semi-relaxed silhouette was founded by Sturgis herself.

Located in the heart of London’s buzzing West End, Cinta’s

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Why are there so few black-owned galleries in London?

Tafeta at Tefaf in 2020
© Tafeta

Tafeta Gallery has moved to Russell Square. Tafeta, which is taking part in London Gallery Weekend, is owned by Ayo Adeyinka, a gallerist of Nigerian heritage who is something of a unicorn. There are few Black-owned galleries in the UK and even fewer in the central London area.

Every once in a while, a ‘pop up’ will surface, giving us all a glimpse of what is possible. Bold, independent curators like Bolanle Tajudeen, Adeola Ayoola, Lisa Anderson and Maryam Lawal have been known to commandeer spaces in London and fill them with the

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wax-resist patterns and African fabrics on homewares, art and markets across London

(On homewares: a lampshade by Natalie Manima of bespokebinny.com costs £55)

Let’s start with wax resist

Wax resist — aka batik — is a very old way to make fabrics. It began in Indonesia, got mechanised in Europe and the patterns became wildly popular in West Africa.

Right, tell me more

Etched rollers print designs in wax on cotton cloth. The waxed parts then ‘“resist” the dye, leaving a pattern, with more detail printed on top.

Personally, I’m more interested in the result

Well a lovely artisan effect usually has a bit of “crackle” where dye seeps through the wax.

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