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Lewis Hine, Photographer of the American Working Class

Late in his career, labor photographer Lewis Wickes Hine used his camera to capture the best of working life in the United States. As the New Deal ushered in job opportunities and social welfare programs for a large swath of the American population, he documented the country’s gradual recovery from the Depression. Photographs of a Works Progress Administration (WPA) childcare center mark a progression from his famous child labor photographs three decades earlier.

While he lived long enough to see robust federal aid that empowered laborers, Hine is best known for work that challenged capitalist exploitation in the workplace. Driven

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Dominick Lewis Opened a Store to Serve the Community

Dominick Lewis, owner and founder of Photodom.
Illustration: Rachelle Baker

Dominick Lewis is the owner and founder of Photodom, an analog-focused photography store that processes film. A photographer himself, Lewis knows what his fellow artists need and the way other photo stores neglect those needs. “There aren’t really things that are tailored towards people like me, especially in the photography industry. We’re different from the mom and pop stores that have been around for decades,” Lewis says. The guiding philosophy of Photodom is simple: Give the people what they need.

Located at 1717 Broadway in a prime location right

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