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Becoming a Full-Time Landscape Photographer: 9 Months on YouTube

Becoming a full-time landscape photographer can be difficult to navigate and there are many paths you can take. I’ve focused heavily on developing a YouTube channel to hopefully turn my passion into more, and in this 3rd update, I go over my progress, revenue, setbacks, and what the future holds. 

Six months ago I wrote the first installment of this series that specifically covers my thoughts on the different paths you can take to becoming a full-time landscape photographer. If you’re wondering why I chose YouTube or what your other options are I highly recommend you check out that article.

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Examining Social Media’s Impact on Landscape and Nature Photography

As a landscape and nature photographer with a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, I often enjoy trying to blend the two disciplines to better understand the human experience as it relates to photography. One subject that particularly intrigues me is the impact of social media on photography and photographers.

My journey as a photographer began in 2008 just before the explosion of social media. This was the heyday of forums, blogs, and magazines; if you wanted to find great photography, you had to search for it.

Today, it’s everywhere. Photographers are faced with a problem: How do we stand out?

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How to Approach Compositions in Landscape Photography

Composition is a challenging thing that is difficult for a lot of landscape photographers, particularly because it is a bit more nebulous and difficult to codify than something like the settings to choose for an image. If that is something you are struggling with a bit, this excellent video tutorial will run you through how one experienced landscape photographer thinks about composition while featuring some great example photos.

Coming to you from Mads Peter Iversen, this awesome video tutorial will give you some helpful perspective on creating compositions in landscape photography. No doubt, composition is something a lot of

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5 Tips for Black and White Landscape Photography

Capturing photos in black and white is quite a challenging task. It is certainly one of the most complicated fields of landscape photography. One needs to be very careful about the circumstances where the photos will actually look good in black and white.

Taking colors out of a scene is not easy, and one needs to make very subtle yet powerful decisions that the photos will speak more in the absence of colors. I have personally faced various challenges in black and white landscapes, so, in this article, I’ll share five important factors to be kept in mind for shooting

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How to Choose Camera Settings for Landscape Photography

The neat thing about landscape photography is that any single subject can be rendered in many different ways simply by your choice of settings and more. So, how do you know which settings to choose for a specific shot? This excellent video tutorial discusses what to think about when you are deciding which camera settings to use.

Coming to you from Photo Tom, this great video tutorial discusses how to choose the right camera settings for landscape photos. The settings you choose can make a big difference in the final rendering of the photo, but unfortunately, many of us

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Using a Supertelephoto Zoom Lens for Minimalist Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is traditionally done with a wide angle lens in order to capture the majority of the scene in the frame, and while there is nothing wrong with that approach, you can make images that are just as visually interesting with longer focal lengths. This excellent video shows how one photographer uses a supertelephoto zoom lens to create minimalist landscape photos. 

Coming to you from Mads Peter Iversen, this great video tutorial will show you how he uses a 100-400mm lens for minimalist landscape photography. The beauty of using such long focal lengths for landscape work is that

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