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Magnum photographer Gilles Peress’s “Whatever You Say, Say Nothing” is a monumental study of the conflict in Northern Ireland

From “Whatever You Say, Say Nothing,” The Last Night. (Gilles Peress)

I have admired (sometimes obsessively) the work of Gilles Peress for a very long time. I first came across his “Telex Iran” over 20 years ago in graduate school while studying photojournalism. His work showed me that one could be authorial in long-form photojournalism. He had a strong voice and used it through a lens. All of his work, from “Telex Iran” to “Farewell to Bosnia” to “The Silence,” and beyond, are testaments to this. I come to Peress’s latest, “Whatever You Say, Say Nothing” (Steidl, 2021) with all

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