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New art gallery in Indianapolis International Airport features local artists

“Deserted Dawn” by Ess McKee

The Indianapolis International Airport on Wednesday opened its first-ever art gallery, providing travelers with an opportunity to take a cultural break while they wait to board their flight.

The gallery is an expansion of the airport’s existing arts program, which was launched when the new terminal opened in 2008 and has $4 million in permanent art installations on display. The program includes rotating temporary art exhibits curated and coordinated in partnership with the Arts Council of Indianapolis. The new gallery will serve as an extension of the temporary exhibit portion of the program.

Called the

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25 Outstanding Artistic Photos, Winners Of International Siena Creative Photography Awards 2021

The 2021 Siena Creative Photo Awards, a global platform for artistic photography, has released the winners of this year’s competition recognizing and rewarding visionary artists using photographic processes and images.

This internationally prestigious contest, founded in 2015, honors contemporary unique visions and the photographer’s skills to translate them into exceptional and original work in 17 categories.

It “sits at the inventive and

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Palestinian Artist Khaled Jarrar Has Made an NFT to Call International Attention to the Plight of His Homeland

After 11 days of violence, Hamas and Israel announced a ceasefire early Friday morning. It was the worst bout of fighting in Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza in seven years and one that shook every corner of the world.

Several months prior, Ramallah-based artist Khaled Jarrar began work on a series that he hoped would raise awareness of the 73-year issue of Palestinian occupation among the international community. To do that, he chose a medium very much in the news: NFTs.

Jarrar’s NFT, titled If I don’t steal your home someone else will steal it, launched on May

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