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My Thoughts on the Hybrid Art Form Trend of Broadway Digital Captures

Broadway, recognized around the world as perhaps the pinnacle of live entertainment, has a new peak: the live digital capture. Digital capture, also known as live capture, is the industry term referring to the recording of a stage production, ideally in front of a live audience in the theater. It’s not a film adaptation or movie but rather a hybrid of the stage production recorded in real-time with multiple cameras, sometimes over multiple days.

As a Broadway producer and in running a Broadway live capture streaming service, I’m already attuned to live captures as a hybrid art form. What’s exciting

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Purple Maserati Ghibli Hybrid Is Rare, Inspired By Street Fashion

Maserati has released a new and ultra-rare Maserati Ghibli. Built through Maserati’s Fuoriserie customization program, the sedan named Ghibli Hybrid Love Audacious (yes, that’s the name) was made in partnership with Chinese streetwear fashion brand CANOTWAIT_. If that brand is familiar to you, congratulations, you belong to the younger age group of the world.

CANOTWAIT_ is a fashion brand founded by actor, singer and trend-setter, William Chan, and is becoming popular among young people as well as the whole streetwear industry.

Probably one design element you won’t miss about this youthful creation is the extensive use of the

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