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CWE home is young family’s place to live, play, make music and worship | Home & Garden

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Summer Nail Art Ideas and Designs to Recreate at Home

Ever since Cardi B and her tech Jenny Bui pushed long acrylic nails back into the cultural limelight in 2019, we’ve seen a rise in nail trends that goes well beyond conversation around seasonal colors and matte vs. glossy finishes. Instead, cooler, more experimental trends (think geometric designs, neon colors, press-on nails, and gemstone adornments) have taken center stage. Now, thanks to Instagram, we’ve discovered new ways of expressing ourselves through DIY manicures. But while we’re still trying to master the at-home gel manicure, nail techs and artists are perfecting new techniques, custom colors, and artful designs every single day.

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Whitmore Lake log home adds luxury to rural lifestyle

The current owners were empty nesters whose children had grown and flown, so one bedroom is set up as an office, Stipe said. But the property is family-friendly with lots of room for kids to grow into as they age and plenty of space for recreation.

The kitchen features granite countertops, stainless appliances and wood floors. Outside, there is a 60-foot-by-7.5-foot front deck and a rear deck with a pavilion and views of the nearby woods. The house also has new windows, doors, roof, paint, stain and decking, all of which was updated in 2009.

Master Builders owner Chris Doyle

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Seven Ways To Combat A Sedentary Lifestyle When Working From Home

Many professionals have had to drastically alter their daily activities to integrate remote work into their lives this past year. While this meant working from the comfort of their own homes, it also may have led to a more sedentary lifestyle than the naturally active one they once enjoyed when commuting to work daily.

A lack of physical activity can lead to severe problems for a human body, including obesity, heart disease, diabetes and more, along with the depression and anxiety that can arise from having to deal with such maladies. For those who have not yet returned to the

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Music to Listen to While Working From Home to Boost Productivity

If you struggle to be productive while working from home, you’re not alone. Staring at a laptop in silence makes it harder to stay on task than you might think. 

In the absence of coworkers, you might turn down the rabbit hole of social media for a little human interaction, where scrolling can easily waste countless hours of your time. Or maybe you turn on the TV for a little background noise only to find yourself engrossed in a talk show for a solid hour.

So while silence can be problematic, filling the void can be a distraction. Fortunately, turning

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Adria Mobil’s Award-Winning Astella Lineup Reinvents Mobile Home Lifestyle

Adria is a manufacturing giant of mobile homes ranging from vans to Class A motorhomes, and even towable homes like the Astella you see here. Because this team operates mostly out of Europe, it possibly they may sound new to you.

Since 1965 this team has been at the top of the mobile home game, and today, distributes vehicles worldwide through a network of partners and over 500 dealers. With a focus on creating memorable vehicles and moments though innovation and sustainability, Adria has risen to be considered one of Europe’s go-to teams for RVs and the likes. With homes

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