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Become a photography pro by unlocking the iPhone’s hidden camera features

amazed how much power and functionality is packed into modern camera apps. My iPhone’s camera has all but replaced my big digital camera and pack full of lenses, partly because it’s with me all the time, but also because it’s so darn good.

Most of the time, taking a photo is just a case of firing up the app and pressing the shutter button. But there hidden in the app are some really awesome features that you might have missed.

So, fire up your iPhone’s Camera app, and let me show you.

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Photography series finds faces hidden in everyday objects

Photography series finds hidden faces in everyday objects

Smile! Your belongings are on camera. Berlin-based photography duo Studio Likeness has been productive during the city’s multiple lockdowns of 2020-2021. Take a look back over the couple’s photographic diary from the last year

Since 2013, creative duo Julia Classen and Magdalena Lepka of Studio Likeness have been busy developing their very own visual language, working together on unique concepts for still life photos and videos. Based in Berlin, they explore ways of ‘irritating our perception and questioning photography’s claim of reality’.

Lockdown photography offered an interesting opportunity to test the limits

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