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Faith: Boldly pursue your dreams | Lifestyle

What do you want to do in life? What would you do if you could accomplish something without limits?

Like the Israelites in the Old Testament of the Bible, you may have wondered and experienced obstacles and stumbling blocks, but God still has a promised land in your future. Regardless of restrictions, past setbacks, or unjustified wounds, you can still fulfill the desires of your heart and serve the purpose of your destiny.

A few weeks ago, I attended my daughter’s athletic meet, and while I was there, I remembered a wonderful story I read many years ago. It was

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Faith: Reach for the blessings that are within your reach | Lifestyle

Every day we have the opportunity to dream, pursue our passions, bless and bless others. So let’s see and chase our great potential and the many possibilities that God has set before us.

If you put your heart and thought into what you want to do and do your best without giving up, there is no big dream that you cannot achieve.

We now have incredible power to create a better life.

How big is your dream?

Do you want to do something special?

And what do you expect to happen?

In 1 Chronicles 4:10, I read Jabez’s prayer. There,

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Faith: No matter how difficult you are, you can overcome them | Lifestyle

I would like to share with you this sweet poem that my dear reader sent to me.

  • On God’s footrest to confess, a poor soul knelt down and bowed.
  • “Failed,” exclaimed the man.
  • But the master said:
  • “Son, you did your best … it’s a success.”

The best goals and the best rewards are in the effort to maximize your potential. What you devote to life, quality, joy, faith, love, enthusiasm, courage, and foresight determine your success. If you take it seriously, there is no word for failure.

Recently, a dear reader said, “My son was an addict and an

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