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NFTs define possession in art world- The New Indian Express

Armed with his Crayola white chalk, Canadian actor, author, chalk artist and calligrapher Rajiv Surendra works with quiet confidence. He knows that if he doesn’t like what he is drawing on the wall, all he has to do is “just erase it”.

Surendra, who is equally at home carving and shaping his own cutting board from wood that he chopped down, weaving cloth from wool of sheep sheared by him, or even re-caning a wicker chair, is drawn to the ephemeral beauty of chalk.

Twenty-nine-year-old Bengaluru artist Harshit Agrawal, who became the first Indian artist to join the NFT art

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How to Express Yourself Through Fashion in Summer 2021

In contrast to most of history, fashion’s only rule in 2021 is that there are no rules. Dated sartorial faux pas have no place in the conversation—please wear as much white after Labor Day as you would like. Compounded with a newfound sense of freedom after over a year of both sartorial and physical restrictions, this summer (a season already ripe with liberation due to the simple fact of less clothing requirements) promises a tantalizingly exciting fashion mindset at play. All bets are off.

With all that in mind, we plan on reimagining our wardrobe, breathing new life into pieces

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