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This Photographer Paints Landscapes at Night with a Drone Light

There are various strategies photographers use to properly illuminate landscape at night, but a neat one that has emerged in recent times is the use of drones equipped with powerful lights. Patryk Sadowski is one photographer who has been doing gorgeous work in this niche.

Sadowski was born in Poland and has been a resident of the Northern Ireland city of Derry since 2011. He first picked up a camera back in 1998, but it wasn’t until 2005 that he became serious about the art form.

“For a long time I was photographing landscapes, but I became interested in light

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WATCH NOW: Mason City veteran finds peace with drone photography | Mason City & North Iowa

Drone operator and army veteran David Hinton pilots a camera-enabled drone in Mason City’s East Park.

Lisa Grouette

A farmer’s dreams of flying

Hinton grew up in a town of about 2,000 called Jasper, Florida, near the state line with Georgia. It’s known for phosphate mining. He wasn’t born there, however. Presaging his own life and career, he was actually born on the Altus Air Force Base in Oklahoma because his father was a commissioned officer in the U.S. Air Force.

“I think that’s where I had my interest in aviation because the first 10 years of my life

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How Good Is The DJI Air 2S For Drone Landscape Photography?

As someone who enjoys very high-quality images from my 42-megapixel full-frame Sony Alpha 7R III, I was wondering how good the pictures would be out of my new DJI Air 2S drone.

Anyone who enjoys landscape photography will know that before they realize it, they are pixel peeping and fussing over the smallest imperfection in their photos. Of course, there’s no way I’m expecting that same quality to come from this drone, but the only thing it can do that I can’t do already is fly. So, ultimately, that is the only reason I bought this drone. The interesting

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$299 DJI Mini SE opens up drone photography to the mass market (report)

An affordable new drone, the DJI Mini SE, is apparently on the way that will cost as little as $299 (approximately £215 / AU$400). 

At this price, the DJI Mini SE would bring premium drone photography to the masses. DJI is the gold standard right now, with its DJI Mavic 2 Zoom being our pick as the best camera drone on the market. Not everyone has $1,300 to spare, though, and while the DJI Mini 2 is more affordable (currently $449.99 at Walmart), even that’s a significant chunk of change.

According to Sean Hollister, writing for The Verge,

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The awe-inspiring drone photography of Gary Cummins

In 2019, I discovered a photographer on Instagram who combined Milky Way photos with abandoned houses. The combination was stunning and so began my interest in the work of Toronto-based photographer, Gary Cummins. Scrolling through his feed, I fell in love with his street and drone photography as well. Reading about his process, I was surprised to learn the special way he used his drone to create his images. However, he wasn’t using his drone’s camera.

I sent Gary a DM to see if he would be open to company during one of his astro shoots. He agreed, but

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